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HashRoot Managed Services AWS proactively provide 24*7*365 days monitoring, maintenance and management services through our amazon expert staffs that are experienced in cloud computing. As an AWS Managed Services Provider, HashRoot delivers full support where AWS leaves off. We provide with pay-as-you-go managed services fees and improved ROI on your cloud investments. Our expert administrators work with your organization to design and build tailor made cloud solutions, setup and support the right AWS environment for your organization.

There is no doubt that AWS is one of the most comprehensive cloud providers. But it having a great challenge to migrate implement and maintain AWS. The pricing of AWS is as confusing you think. They does not provide the management and implementation support, optimizing the costs, security and performance. But we do. We use our Expertise, Best Practices and polished tools to deliver our Managed AWS Solutions. We provide server health monitoring and management, regular OS patching and remediation issues and anti-virus scanning. AWS provides world-class, highly secure, reliable and scalable infrastructure-as-a-service.

• 24/7 Support – Proactive monitoring and management.
• Designed for high availability, performance, security and scalability
• Have extensive experience in deploying AWS.
• Help to migrate from existing to AWS environment.
• Provides best suite design and deploy the best AWS.

HashRoot will manage your AWS services and let you to relax of IT department. The size of the organization doesn’t matter, as we manage AWS services to small, medium and large establishments. Your IT infrastructure would face various challenges during the time of smooth running. Our technical expertise will handle managed AWS service, associated application and database, performance monitoring etc. We also offer a comprehensive set of services that include planning, designing, migrating and supporting your AWS. These includes

You might be confused in various facts related to cloud and AWS environment and also how to establish the best suitable cloud service? We can say that, it depends on the type of your establishment. It varies from business to business. What we do is to provide, manage and provide end-to-end service for your cloud requirement. And hence we help you for AWS migration through proper security, performance, reliability and cost. With our 8 years domain expertise, we would be able to provide and make a right decision and thus helping you to meet your cloud requirement

HashRoot has successfully established thousands of IT solutions and lakhs of virtual servers. We know how to establish and implement AWS project with less effort and cost. We ensure that it’s been delivered with cost effective based. We also offer a proper set of services that include planning, designing, migrating and supporting your AWS and ensure that the performances are high and properly developed.

Through hypervisor, HashRoot AWS provide world-class management and security and will manage OS patching, maintain the server health and security, anti-virus scanning and OS based issues. And there is no doubt that we provide all this support on 24*7.

HashRoot Hybrid Architecture center will provide you with necessary AWS information and will guide you to establish AWS on your esteemed organization. Through this, we assist you with the best AWS infrastructure developed under the best AWS platform, features and design; and developed under high scalability with reliable application.

There has been a rapid race in technology innovations and keeps on changing to the new one. It’s very difficult to select the best cloud and hybrid solution for your business, which offers at lowest cost and brings value for your money.
With HashRoot Strategy and Transformation Services, our experts first analyze your requirement and evaluate the possibility of improving your infrastructure at lower cost. We will pinpoint each every requirement and will compare with the your existing architecture. Based on the evaluation, we will advise with the best AWS solution with the aim to reduce complexity, improve reliability and manage scalability. And these process are over, we will migrate the entire plan into the new solution. We will help you to understand the difference in having in house infrastructure and cost factor.

HashRoot Managed AWS is merged with its the cost efficiency, flexibility and scalability of AWS. The rich functionality of AWS is delivered through our Serveradminz experience and track record in handling Critical cloud infrastructure. Serveradminz products & services are based on our experience-managing complex, highly available and fault tolerant environments for leading organizations. All of our services are proactively monitored and managed, and are supported high talented administrators. We are not only focusing on technology, but to deliver our customers with a world-class infrastructure and deliver it with scalable and high-performed platform. Our expertise helps you to provide with right AWS solution.

• Design the best AWS High Availability across zones or regions
• High-Availability and geographic redundancy
• New Infrastructure design on AWS
• SLAs on availability and performance
• Design High Availability and High Performance Clusters
• Deployment from ServerAdminz security hardened templates
• Migrate from existing Infrastructure to AWS
• Host management
• Proactive application and database management
• Optimization and Performance tuning
• 24/7/365 live support
• Auto scaling setup
• Setup Virtual Private Cloud
• Disaster Recovery and Backup services in the Cloud
• Customized deep monitoring, alerting and reporting for hosts and services
• Auto-scaling and Auto-healing architectures specific to your application