Big Data


HashRoot Big Data advanced analytics team proactively provide wide range of services that will help your business firm to achieve what you looking into. Through our services you staff burden can be reduced at lower cost and we ensure normal working of your data as it is. We ensure that your business completely use the Big Data and are benefited with ROI. We provide custom based services, as we know that the business to business it differs. Our custom support services are suitable to small, medium and large enterprises of all environments.

Most of our services are flexible and drives your business promptly by delivering the right service. We provide custom based services, which are 25*7 support, Working day support and holiday/temporary support. Your systems are proactively monitored and support to ensure the exponential issues becomes down.

The capabilities of Big Data is to provide a competitive advantage in supporting your enterprise and deliver with a competitive advantage. We also give the opportunity to treat with proper value and productivity from the huge data. At HashRoot, we help your enterprise to move from Limited data to unlimited data, and thus delivering a successful data outcome. We solve specific problems, design build, Big Data Strategies and meet your business to achieve what you have aimed for.

HHashRoot offers wide ranges of services that involve wide range of products to help enterprise meet and organize the diverse data sources and analyze the existing data to find new insights and capitalize on hidden relationships.

We deliver assistance in architectural level and provide affordable solutions to enterprises and help them to meet the Big Data challenges through our strategic partnerships & collaborations with leading players in the ecosystem.

HashRoot deliver Big Data with a Customizable option, where the Big Data configurations are addressed through specific requirements and workloads, as well as a variety of architectures and flexible network designs.

HashRoot deploys and maintain big data with our expert team, letting your IT department refocusing to other work. Altogether, we provide 24*7 exponential support.

HashRoot Big Data experienced staffs are build with collective knowledge, skill and experience. We take our extensive line up to monitor and administer with the best practices and time based support strategies.

HashRoot service delivery involves a structured and SLA-centric approach, which will help you to improve the performance and reduce critical issues.

  • Proactive monitoring and support
  • HashRoot tool installation for Analytics, monitoring and maintenance
  • Migrations and Support
  • 24 x 7 support
  • Custom support like work day and holiday/temporary support
  • One hour response times
  • Patch Management
  • Periodic health checks with documentation