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#drive Document Management System is the market leading solution to enable “digital transformation of your enterprise”. It allows the end-to-end management of enterprise content right from capture to disposition. It delivers contextual information to business stakeholders for improved collaboration,smarter decision making data protection.#drive dms provides the flexibility to access or deliver content over Mobile and Cloud creating a highly connected and digital workplace.

#drive Document Management System is high secured web based solution, where an organisation can store, organize, search, collaborate and manage access to documents from any web based application in the world. #drive Document Management System is a highly secured document management software that makes an enterprise to become organize and efficient. #drive dms is facilitated with its unique features and workflow, and thereby creating the productive environment in the workplace and by securing all documents in a centralized location. It's high flexibility and simple interface approach provides businesses of any type to customize #drive Document Management System according to the need.

A common web based platform accessible from all devices including your PC, smartphone and tablet making your organization a friendly atmosphere. #drive dms makes the right way to find out the right file at your need. #drive Document Management System categorizes all resources on a centralized area based on what it is, which makes and remind where it’s saved or which version is the right one.

#drive dms allows you to access any document from anywhere at any time. Search for the need and access files however you want – by metadata, Boolean, Content or keyword. It's completely dynamic, means organizing based on the structure and displaying information any way. #drive Document Management System makes your content searchable, makes an unlimited searching toll not only just its file name, but also through the information by searching on any text in the document.

#drive dms has a Controlled access to the organization documents. It safeguards the business data, securing it, yet readily accessible to authorised personnel. Our Secured platform helps the documents locked from unauthorized access and theft. So we provide a reliable platform that helps to control the records and information. This will help to determine the future of your business. Through us, documents can be scanned into industry-standard digital formats. And we provide it with an integrated solution for your data into your overall Document Management System. Scan documents, Index and make it searchable with OCR technology.

All support issues can be registered at #drive support email receives will be responded to, by a technical support team member, by no later than noon of the next business day. We could determine that the problem is related to #drive dms or with the 3rd party application and a Severity level will be established. #drive will provide dramatic change and improve business performance, reduce costs and risk, streamline processes and thereby increases the productivity.

#drive Document Management System has automatized workflows ensuring a structured Business processes to be competitive and protected. #drive Document Management System makes an Automated workflow according to the need and to streamline common business processes.

Extensive analyzing and streamlined work process, and highly integrated solutions that suits best for the composite technical environments. Entitle clients to unlatch absolute value of the information contained in the documents/files. Provided with the modern innovations and processes will provide the organization with the Highest Quality of Document Management System.

Security is important for internal and external files. #drive dms provides end-to-end security features and encryption technology to secure all documents.

The education industry is responsible for providing the best digital solutions. #drive Document Management System automates all aspects so you can spend more time with your students and faculty. It act as your Digital Library solution, where the students can access the major digital collections of your library or related studies, which makes them access information from the finger point.

From tax assessments to public transit, government services, whether state and local or federal, are required to manage a massive amount of documents and information. #drive Document Management System provide government firms to comply with regulations while providing secure, instant access to important documents and information.

In Legal and law related firms requires collecting, storing and analyzing huge volumes of documents and information and its challenging to deal with cases, matters, contracts and agreements. #drive Document Management System automates business processes like contract approval workflows and supports eDiscovery, providing quick access to all of the information just by a click saving your time.

Your industry is in charge of producing the world's power. From oil refining to coal mining to solar power production, ensuring quality standards and immediate access to important documents is critical. #drive Document Management System helps organizations comply with energy regulations while providing instant access to important documents and information.

Healthcare is one of the world's largest and fastest-growing industries. From electronic medical records to hospital and practice administration, ensuring quick access to the information you need is important. #drive Document Management System provides organizations with fast and secure access to important documents and information.

From pharmaceutical companies to biotechnology firms to medical device manufacturers, maintaining regulatory compliance and ensuring consistent product quality are your top priorities. Tracking quality processes and verifying completion can be extremely time consuming. #drive Document Management System automates workflows while allowing the right people to access the right information instantly.

In logistics, you would deal with lot of products which are carried out from one place to another and it should well planned and documented. #drive Document Management System automates invoice processing, shipping & receiving process details, while giving you access to all of the information and documentation necessary for the smooth flow.

Whether it is banking, accounting or insurance, you face challenges that range from regulatory compliance to data security and availability. #drive Document Management System helps organizations comply with financial regulations while providing instant access to important documents and information.

You would be dealing with architecture, designing, contracts, sketch etc which requires most planning documentation. #drive Document Management System stores and manage everything, makes everything up-to-date with versioning of every document in your organization. Finding and accessing drawings, building plans, proposals, bids and more, just by click.

You may be an agent, broker or lender, you might be struggling with in spending too much time worrying about approvals and processes. With #drive Document Management System, you can quickly find current versions of sales reports, surveys and appraisals and automate the review and approval of sales contracts and lease agreements.

As one of the top industry, you have to ensure safe production and distribution of the food. There are various regulations which requires detailed plans and procedures. #drive Document Management System automates processes all process under control and keeps everything in one place.

It is important to maintain consistent quality and maintaining quick access to important information as it is crucial for industrial related with manufacturing. #drive Document Management System makes documentation simple and efficient while allowing the right people to access the right information instantly.

#drive Document Management System is facilitated with highly secured features and controlled access of documents throughout the organization. It would provide structured approach, Global storage, High availability, and adequate security and access control. Organizations can leverage following advantages. Organizations can leverage following advantages.

• Security
• Reduced Costs
• Disaster Recovery
• Controlled access
• Document Indexing
• Business Continuity
• Structured approach
• Process Consistency
• Increased Productivity
• 24*7 support availability
• Validation and Access Control
• Online Support within 20 minutes
• Advanced and NextGen User Interface
• Version controls
• Checkin and Checkout
• Inbuilt Chat for all users
• Document collaborative authoring
• Highly Customizable dms Solution
• Robust API allows CRM Integration
• Accessible over Cloud, WAN or LAN
• Completely Responsive Web Interface
• Metadata and Full-text Content Search
• Custom Work flow creation and automation
• Drag and Drop Document Upload and Import
• Images and electronic documents annotations
• Various phases of penetration and security testing
• Cloud Storage
• Document Tags
• Task and Event Listing
• Comphrensive of all file formats
• Reporting with Interative Graphs
• Document Storage and Audit Log
• LDAP Active Directory Integeration
• Document Sharing via HashCloud
• Auto-import documents from email
• Unlimited Categories & Departments
• OCR Engine for Image Content Search
• Auto Document Expiration & Notifications
• Auto-import documents from FTP location

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