HashRoot Culture


Healthy work culture gives birth to true professionals and employment satisfaction

It brings a feeling of safety as everything is presented with more clarity, transparency and trust. This in turn results in better team work and more cooperative relationship among the employees. Focus is given for getting work done which keeps the employee engaged, responsible and highly productive.

"A successful Manager has a frantic challenge of getting the best out of his workforce irrespective of any critical situation. He can do so only by keeping them motivated. A motivated workforce is an assurance of quality performance delivered."

  • Engagement : Is the enthusiasm, efforts and initiative an employee cultivates to accomplish his task.

  • Satisfaction : Is the measurement of the extend to which they feel that the company has successfully met their expectations at work.

  • Commitment : Its the virtue of which an employee confirms his associated with the company and the nature of job provided to him

  • Intention to Quit : Its the period of time span an employee decides to remain associated with the company.

Engaged employee spreads positiveness across every sphere and its this enthusiasm which is passed on to the customers. Employees who share a healthy and positive relation with their managers are tend to be engaged mostly generating better results. Personal and collective appraisals is yet another strong way to pamper and encourage. Such practices keeps their spirits high and meets their expectations. We ensure that we acknowledge, appreciate and recognize their efforts a helpful and important. Every year employees get nominated and voted to be chosen in the following criteria:

  • Icon of HashRoot

  • Best Performer of the Year

  • Outstanding Contribution Award

  • Long Term Leadership Award

  • Best Employee Award

The awarded employees will get cash rewards and momento and will be given salary appraisal and promotions.