HP Network Node Manager i (NNMi) Premium (NNMi Premium) software and HP Network Node Manager i Ultimate (NNMi Ultimate) software provide powerful out-of-the-box capabilities that enable your network operations team to efficiently manage physical and virtual networks of any size. The HP NNMi Smart Plug-in add-on modules enhance NNMi’s awareness of specialized network environments, providing your team with the information it needs to identify and fix problems more quickly.

In the Internet era, IP networks and hosted applications including those on virtualized servers have become essential business enablers. For example, today’s networks support end-user communication services, such as email and IP telephony, in addition to revenue-generating transactions. Due to this strategic reliance on networks, companies cannot afford network downtime.

HP NNMi is Network management software that unifies fault, availability, and performance monitoring to helps you improve network uptime and performance, and increase responsiveness to business needs.

It will help to increase the staff productivity and efficiency by consolidating and correlating fault and performance data while reducing the need for disparate diagnostic and monitoring tools. It has the capability to monitor the performance of the network. The NNM iSPI Performance for Traffic enriches the obtained data from the IP flow records that are exported by the routers in your NNMi network.