Human Resource Management System - #Board


HashRoot brings a comprehensive Human Resource Management System Software that brings greater organization and effectiveness to the full range of Human Resource functions and responsibilities.. We provide HRMS, a complete web based software covering the entire life cycle of an employee from Recruitment to Resignation. This software has been designed to meet the information need of all levels of Management and facilitates Decision Support, Planning, Monitoring, Control of Daily Activities.

The Employee Self-Service Portal provides access to a comprehensive centralized repository of vital employee related information available to HR, employees and managers. We bring you the best way to track out your employee records. We provide professional HRM module which powers centralized employee leave management and allows you to add your own leave types, make exceptions to individual employees and groups using leave rules and also supports leave accrual and carry forwarding leaves to next leave period.

Not only monitoring and managing the employee leaves, you could be monitor the Time spend by each employee. This module helps you to track the productivity of an employee. Timesheets module provides employees to update their own time sheets and send those for approval to supervisors. The attendance module will keep track of employee punch-in and punch-out times.

• Company Structure
• Monitor Attendance
• Employee Warning forum
• Points
• Salary
• Attendance Progress
• Employees
• Jobs
• Qualifications
• Clients

• Document Types
• Leaves
• Leave Calendar
• Reports
• Company Pages
• Documents Management
• Leave Management
• Leave Calendar
• Messaging
• Notifications

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