Server Management Services


HashRoot offers server security setup and provide assistance in increasing the security reliability and performance of your server. We provide optimized and secure the server for your business. We will manage servers and provide critical support for a healthy thriving web presence. Every day or every hour you could face issues such as bugs, hackers, identity theft over the on the Internet. We provide tools and expertise to address all unwanted traffic. We will ensure your customer with security and redundancy as our server solutions.

Arming you with the tools and expertise you need to address unwanted traffic and deliver a seamless online experience for customers. Security and redundancy are two of the most important parts of your server solution. Also known as vulnerability scans, a security audit is critical if you're looking to successfully protect your business from online threats, acting as a preventative measure to reduce the risk of malicious cyber attacks. We will examine your network in order to minimize any risk involved such as downtime. Our vulnerability scans employ a powerful in-depth scanning tool to examine ports, processes, firewall policies and software updates to provide you with a complete security overview of your solution. By performing regular tests, you are securing your solution, safeguarding your brand image and guaranteeing the future of your business.

We will help your sever to prevent from hackers, rootkits and worms. There will be proactive kernel upgrades on all VPS services. We will be updating the server with the latest version of CentOS Operating System, Latest cPanel Control Panel, PHP, Apache, Named and other related modules.

You can find more about Managed Security Services here : HashRoot Security Services